Erasmus+: Sve in Italia

Opportunità per 8 volontari

The Italian ENGO InformaGiovani (CV attached) will apply at the 1st of october deadline for an EVS project to host volunteers in Italy and send volunteers abroad.

About EVS to be hosted in Italy, we are looking for 8 volunteers from January to December 2015 for our projects in Palermo and 2 volunteers from March to October for a project in a small village close to Palermo, Isola delle Femmine.


Projects available in Palermo are:

• InformaGiovani office - 2 volunteers - 1 year starting January

Our small office is the place where we organize all our projects together with local staff and volunteers.
EVS volunteers will support the organization and take part in the activities of the national 'Tour of volunteering', a tour all over Italy to promote workcamps and EVS; youth exchanges and training courses all over Italy; support to the involvement of disadvantaged youth in our international projects; update of our Youth information database and newsletter management; support workcamps.
Here volunteers will support the general running of the office and IG network all over Europe. This will give to interested volunteers the possibility to increase their knowledge about organizational management, project cicle and implementation, as well as learning about the local context and how European funding and initiatives can stimulate community development.
Special requirement: basic knowledge of Italian language is required. Previous experience in the volunteering field is very welcome.

•Centro TAU - Inventare insieme - 3 volunteers - 1 year starting January

Youth centre based in the poor area of Zisa, working with young people aged 12-18. Volunteers will support socio-cultural activities, run language courses, artistic workshop.
Requirement: basic knowledge of Italian language

•Centro anch’io - 2 volunteers - 1 year starting January

Community running different houses for vulnerable citizens.
Volunteers will help local staff and volunteers to run daily activities and organize leisure time and workshops for hosts of the community. In particular, support to organize leisure time for kids or for young and adult disable people.
Requirement: basic knowledge of Italian language. Motivation to work with disable or kids. Stable psicological condition.

•Isola delle Femmine - 2 volunteers - 8 months starting March
Small island close to Palermo’s shore, it is a Natural reserve where InformaGiovani organizes environmental awareness activities for kids and organize environmental workshop and volunteering activities. EVS volunteers will work in supporting the organization of such activities, support the relation with local schools, associations and parishes in involving young people, will support the organization of short-term voluntary projects in the area. Volunteers will live in the small village (not in Palermo).
Special requirement: basic knowledge of Italian language. Only for volunteers who are not looking for the big city to have night life.

•Libera Scuola Waldorf - 2 volunteers - 1 year starting January

Beside running a school based on Rudolf Steiner teachings, the project, run by teachers and parents of pupils, provides educational tools and paths to kids, boys and girls aged between 2 and 13 in close connection with many local social groups, green economy actors, sustainable development NGOs. Volunteers will help in running daily activities, support artistic and music workshops for kids and with the participation of families. Main task of volunteers will be the support to education path of pupils with mental handicap.
Special requirement: knowledge of Italian. Strong motivation in working with kids and with handicapped kids.
Knowledge of Waldorf/Steiner philosophy is very welcome.


All volunteers will be hosted in EVS houses in the city centre (where they have double room to share with other EVS) with all expenses covered.
Furthermore they will get 260 euro per month (standard income for Italian students) plus language course (by Faculty of Italian language of Palermo University, maximum 6 months) plus local transport, plus EVS insurance.
Volunteers in Isola project will be hosted in a small villa in the village, with same financial condition.


Sending organizations will get 40 euro per each month of service of the volunteer(s) they send.
Sending costs will be paid at the end of the service except for organization belonging to official InformaGiovani network that will get the amount imediately.

How to apply
Organizations interested to send volunteers must provide CV and motivation letter.
One volunteer can apply only for one of the above mentioned projects.
Motivation letter must be specific for the concerned project.

Documentation is to be sent to